From Desktop to Dressing

Some of you may have noticed my newfound hobby of creating outfits on Polyvore.  This all started when I was on the hunt for the perfect outfit for an upcoming family wedding in Phoenix, Arizona.  Polyvore is a fashion inspired community site that helps you put together outfits, sort of like having your own digital fashion scrapbook which contains unlimited choice of dresses, shoes, bags, jewellery and a whole lot more.  And with one simple click of the mouse you can easily purchase an item or the whole outfit from various on-line retailers.  This is how I found a lot of my items for this wedding, including a fantastic jeweller, Kendra Scott Jewlery where you can design your own jewellery!

Luckily I have relatives in Phoenix who accepted and held the shipments until I arrived.  You see another addiction I “may” have (according to my husband) is online shopping.  And there is no better place in the world to do that than the good ‘ol US of A!  “Free shipping”…”Free Returns…”  “No risk”…. all phrases that are music to my ears.

Before my departure from Austria and armed with my husband’s American credit card (from our Washington D.C days) I ordered my custom-made jewellery, purse, my daughters dress, her shoes, & her pearls all for fantastic prices.  Upon arrival I was greeted not with hugs and kisses but a mountain of boxes!  I was also informed that Mr. UPS guy had become close friends with the family thanks to me.  Thrilled with my new purchases I couldn’t wait to try everything on.  The verdict?  No returns required and I was one very satisfied customer thanks to the help of Polyvore.

Warning… Polyvore may cause sudden withdrawal from daily life such as eating, sleeping and brushing your teeth.  Supportive family members who can recognize symptoms which include stiff neck, wide eye glare & cramped hands and who can peel you away from the computer is strongly advised.   My sister has become the latest victim of this addiction and despite our greatest efforts she remains creating and publishing… we miss her very much.  


About marthamel

I'm a fun loving Canadian that now calls Vienna, Austria home. After a lot of moving around I have experienced some amazing adventures, disaapointing pitfalls and unexpected surprises. Now that I am settled in Europe, I enjoy continuing to enrich my life with culture, sports, and of course eating fantastic food all in the company of great friends & family. Take a look at my blog! View all posts by marthamel

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