Happy New Year World!

It’s the 2nd day into 2012 and I have so far kept my New Years Resolution of creating a blog.  Tah dah….  I’m still trying to decide what exactly I will blog about.  Tasty Austrian cuisine?  Road trip adventures?  A Canadian trying to sprechen German?  I don’t know so bear with me as I go along and “find myself” so to say.  What I do know is that I love photography and prefer that to writing so expect lots of colourful images to describe my journey.

I shall begin my first blog with some photos of my first New Years experience in Vienna.

What better way to start of a new year that to indulge in a luxurious champagne dinner.  The InterContinental Hotel hosted a special New Years dinner complete with live music playing all the favourite classics.  A table near to us, visiting from Kazakhstan was well into the celebration when one of the guests sang a duet of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”.  He sang rather well and after a few songs (and a few more drinks) he returned and convinced the band leader to play “Knock Knock Knock on Heaven’s Door” and sang his heart out.  It was all in good fun and the rest of the guests enjoyed his enthusiasm.  That was our que to make our move to Stephansplatz to ring in the new year.

The atmosphere in the city centre was buzzing.  Tourists from all over the world (a reported 800,000) joined together in happy spirits with bottles of bubbly in their hands eager for the magical moment.

Others followed the Austrian tradition and waltzed to the beautiful music of Johann Strauss.

When St. Stephan’s legendary clock stroke 12:00 midnight celebratory “yeah hoo’s” followed by smooching loved ones was all around me.  Fireworks light the sky.  What a start to 2012!



About marthamel

I'm a fun loving Canadian that now calls Vienna, Austria home. After a lot of moving around I have experienced some amazing adventures, disaapointing pitfalls and unexpected surprises. Now that I am settled in Europe, I enjoy continuing to enrich my life with culture, sports, and of course eating fantastic food all in the company of great friends & family. Take a look at my blog! www.canadianlivingineurope.wordpess.com View all posts by marthamel

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